Personalized Gifts for Men

The best gift is the one from the heart. These one-of-a-kind, personalized gifts for men are meticulously crafted to represent community, strength, and love and can be personalized to represent your life's journey. Everyone’s journey is different, and Stephen David Leonard’s unique personalized gifts for men embody that. Whether you’re shopping for birthday gifts or mens anniversary gifts, a thoughtful gift that’s engraved with a meaningful name, date or faith-based citation is the best way to express your love and celebrate their life.

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  1. Limitless Leather bracelet handcrafted with black bolo leather cord and choice of personalized sterling silver and bronze limitless rings
    Limitless Leather Bracelet
    Special Price $111.99 Regular Price $139.99
  2. Valor Wide ring handcrafted in sterling silver customizable with a meaningful name, word or date
    Valor Wide Ring [Sterling Silver]
    Special Price $123.99 Regular Price $154.99
  3. Forge a path men's cuff bracelet hand-carved in fine pewter personalized with a name, date or phrase hand-stamped
    Special Price $87.19 Regular Price $108.99
  4. Brown Connection bracelet handcrafted with a distressed leather strap and sterling silver closure customizable with a name, word or date
    Connection Bracelet [Brown]
    As low as $111.99 Regular Price $139.99
  5. Word of the Year necklace handcrafted in textured, antiqued sterling silver, strung on choice of chain, and personalized with a hand-stamped name, word or date
    Word Of The Year Necklace [Sterling Silver]
    Special Price $81.99 Regular Price $139.99
  6. Discover Leather Journal handcrafted in solid water buffalo brown leather including notebook and hardcover and customizable with up to 3 letter monogram
    Discover Leather Journal [Brown]
    Special Price $99.19 Regular Price $123.99
  7. Large Hold Together Pouch [Brown]
    Large Hold Together Pouch [Brown]
    Special Price $74.39 Regular Price $92.99
  8. Leather Cord Holster - Set of 3 [Tan]
    Leather Cord Holster - Set of 3 [Tan]
    Special Price $39.99 Regular Price $49.99
  9. Now + Forever necklace handcrafted in sterling silver customizable with 4 hand-stamped lines
    Now + Forever Necklace [Sterling Silver]
    Special Price $111.99 Regular Price $139.99
  10. Life Together Ring Pair [10k Gold]
    Life Together Ring Pair [10k Gold]
    Special Price $3,099.99 Regular Price $3,874.99
  11. Personalized Trailblazer Bottle Opener and Leather Wallet on wood background
    Trailblazer Bottle Opener + Leather Wallet [Tan]
    Special Price $49.59 Regular Price $61.99
  12. Stability Custom Key Ring [Tan]
    Stability Custom Key Ring [Tan]
    Special Price $74.39 Regular Price $92.99
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Make his day with unique personalized gifts for men

It’s his birthday. He’s always been hard to shop for, accepting all gifts with the same half hearted ‘thanks’. But you wanted this year to be different, to be special. So you searched for something meaningful. Something uniquely him. You felt confident with your choice before, but as you watch him unwrap the gift box, fears begin to slip in.

But you shouldn’t have worried, because as he opens the box, a huge smile spreads across his face. A bracelet, personally engraved with his favorite quote, lies inside. Immediately it is out of the box and on his wrist, looking like it’s always been there. You ask if he likes it. He’s at a loss for words. You smile. You did it.

With our personalized gifts for men, you show him that you care. Handpicked and handmade for him, with customized engraving to make it even more personal, you’ll leave him feeling loved and valued, no matter the occasion.

Find his design

Dads, sons, brothers, grandpas, husbands, friends. Every man is unique, with his own interests, hobbies, and goals. To give him the best personalized gift, first you must choose the design that will connect with him most. We offer a wide variety of gifts to suit every man for every purpose. Bracelets are best for the man who wears his heart on his sleeve. Rings remind him of what’s important, while necklaces help him keep what matters close to heart. If he isn’t a jewelry wearer, we have personalized leather gifts for men and a variety of accessories, such as key chains, coasters, cufflinks, and more. Games for the playful hearted, journals for the thinker, bags for the traveler. You know him well, which design will speak to him best?

Make it personal

WThe best personalized gifts for men are the ones that reflect who he is, and inspire him to be the man he was created to be. When shopping for him, try and think of what he means to you. What qualities of his inspire you? Where do you see him growing? Having him feel seen and understood is the real gift of a personalized touch.

When you choose his ideal design from our engraved personalized gifts for men, knowing the right thing to say makes all the difference. Make it his by adding his name or birthdate. Engrave your own name to tell him you’ll always be by his side. Or choose a word or phrase that motivates him on a daily basis.

Celebrate who he is with personalized birthday gifts for men

It’s his special day, and you want him to feel celebrated for the man he’s become. With our good personalized gifts for men, you can make his day meaningful. Customize it with his birthday to show how much his life has impacted yours. Or, choose a word that honors how he has grown and accomplished in the past year. What is his purpose for his upcoming year? Inspire him with a motivational phrase as he continues to grow into the man he was made to be.

Celebrate your love with personalized anniversary gifts for men

Your love for one another endures. Honor the strength and beauty of your bond with something meaningful. Memorialize your relationship by engraving your anniversary on a ring or necklace. Give him something with your two names, initials, or shared last name. Profess your love for him with a sweet proclamation such as ‘Love You Forever’, ‘Always’, and ‘Better Together.’ Or, make it fun by adding a nickname you have for each other.

Personalized gifts made for every occasion

There are an endless amount of reasons to celebrate him. Personalized Valentine’s Day gifts for men are the perfect way to celebrate where you have been, and where you are going together in your relationship. Personalized Christmas gifts for men will give him joy during the holiday season. Personalized retirement gifts for men commemorate the accomplishments of his life and prepare him for his next chapter. Personalized christian gifts for men, perfect for graduation and birthdays, can inspire him on the journey he’s traveling.

Show him he matters with a personalized gift

There is nothing that shows your love and care for him more than a gift that connects to him. He means the world to you. He makes you laugh, gives you his all, cares with his whole heart. You are proud of the man he is, and want to be a part of his future as he grows more and more into the man he is meant to become. With all that he means to you, he deserves something that helps him feel seen, loved, valued, and known. We have just that. What will you say to him with our personalized gifts for men?

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